5 Must-Have Extensions for Windows 7

Windows 7 LogoI have come across some very neat shell extensions for Windows 7 over the last year that every Windows Power User should have installed.

  1. WinSplit Revolutions (Hotkey controls that let you quickly arrange and align your open program windows)
  2. Image Resize (Adds a right-click Context Menu Option to Instantly Resize Images)
    [Rating: 5/5]
  3. Clip Path (Adds a right-click Context Menu Option to Copy Directory Paths for File Attachments & Sharing)
    [Rating: 4/5]
  4. Stardock Fences (Create “fences” on your Windows Desktop to tidy up your icons in groups)
    [Rating: 3/5]
  5. Disable Caps Lock (Turns your Caps Lock button into a shift button)
    [Rating: 3/5]

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  1. For an ICT project at school, I would like to use your Windows 7 logo.

    Could you please send a reply on whether I am able to use your image?

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