Believe the Hype – Superior Audio for €29 with Apple Earpods is true!

Curiosity got the better of me so I splashed out on replacement headphones for my iPhone today. The ones that came with all the iPhones up to the 4S have been a shamefully poor in-ear experience and the inevitable fix arrived through the new earpods.

Thankfully the hype is justified, Apple claimed these little earpods were something special, and having tried out lots of very expensive over-ear headphones recently ranging from €100~€300 in price I am amazed at the depth of bass and precision and clarity I’m getting with these little guys.

The main issue around ear comfort is greatly improved but possibly not perfect, I assume the hard plastic shape allows for a better audio delivery and less muffling than with the more comfortable rubber-membrane covered standard in-ear design that we have all become accustomed to by now.

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