Harvest Gets the Dough in On Time!

Among the myriad of invoicing and time tracking solutions out there, Harvest is one that I am using now since January of 2012 and has passed all the acid tests so far. Harvest is a cloud application for tracking your billable hours and generating invoices for your clients.

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Gmail Quotas & Sessions on Google Apps Mail

Google Apps Banner

Just a thing that’s annoying me for a long time on Google Apps, my storage has run out after 5 years of usage.

There’s no way to purchase additional gmail storage on a per-user basis. You have to upgrade to the Pro version of Google Apps which is a pretty expensive commitment. The reason this annoys me is that you might have 10 users, in my case 2 of them have reached 99% of the limit, while the other 8 have only used 5-10% each.

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iOS5 marks a Quantum Leap for Apple

The launch of iOS5 in the very near aftermath of Steve Jobs death has created a legacy that is truly breathtaking.

Apple has delivered over 200 significant features to the iOS along with a new iCloud platform plus some significant additions to the Apple TV. Basically everything now works together seamlessly, no wires, no effort. Apple’s eco-system is entering a glorious period that will be free of the angst and recrimination associated with may of its previous incarnations over the years. They have basically removed dozens of barriers and “what if” or “if only” question marks that overshadowed many of its previous achievements.

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins/Extensions

Wordpress LogoWordPress 3.x is such a great platform now that I am using it a lot for small projects and it has a lot going for it out of the box as a basic CMS and publishing system.

By leveraging some of the best plug-ins out there WordPress can do 95% of most people’s CMS requirements without a single programmer writing a single line of code.

Here are my top 10 must have WordPress plug-ins as of 2011:

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Recovering Dreamweaver Sites from the Windows Registry

DW LogoI reinstalled my computer at Christmas and I was transitioning from Dreamweaver CS5 on Win 7 Ultimate x32 to Dreamweaver CS5 on Win 7 Ultimate x64.

I used the article below to restore my Dreamweaver CS5 via the Windows registry, there is a bit more involved though so I have detailed additional steps.

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iPhone 4 Interim Review

iPhone 4I upgraded my iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4 about 6 months ago and have had a good opportunity to test it in action over a prolonged period since then.

The performance improvements over the 3G were dramatic , and that may not be as apparent for iPhone 3GS owners. The 3G I had was slowing down significantly, and have installed iOS4 on it there was a noticeable degradation in responsiveness and battery life.

The iPhone 4 is noticeably heavier and slimmer than the older models, and looks slicker than the predecessor with its minimalist finish.

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DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima Review

Nespresso DeLonghi Lattissima Coffee Machine

I received this coffee making machine as a gift from my girlfriend last Christmas, and it has proven to be one of those gifts that keeps on giving. Its definitely the best gift I have ever received!

The Lattissima is the ultimate in home coffee making appliances, and the flagship of the Nespresso range, costing between ‚ā¨350 and ‚ā¨400.

The Lattissima shares a lot in common with the iPad, its expensive and a luxury and doesn’t entirely justify itself, but its also hugely desirable and has an aspirational quality.

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5 Must-Have Extensions for Windows 7

Windows 7 LogoI have come across some very neat shell extensions for Windows 7 over the last year that every Windows Power User should have installed.

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