Warren Buffett’s Biography – “Snowball Effect”

Having purchased James Caan’s audiobook on iTunes I came accross a review for Warren Buffett’s biography and decided to take a punt on it. I had absolutely zero prior knowledge about Buffett, apart from that I knew he was the wealthiest individual on the earth. Continue reading Warren Buffett’s Biography – “Snowball Effect”

James Caan – Autobiography of a business genius

I listened to this Audio Book over a 2 week period without any real previous knowledge of James Caan, other than a few episodes of Dragon’s Den. My expectation was positive from a few reviews I had read prior to purchase, the other Dragon’s books were apparently more prescriptive and less biographical. I also like James Caan from his cameo appearances in Dragon’s Den, he comes across as gentle and measured. He also seems to have lots of cash and he’s willing to spend it, unlike Deborha Meaden for example.

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