Warren Buffett’s Biography – “Snowball Effect”

Having purchased James Caan’s audiobook on iTunes I came accross a review for Warren Buffett’s biography and decided to take a punt on it. I had absolutely zero prior knowledge about Buffett, apart from that I knew he was the wealthiest individual on the earth. Continue reading Warren Buffett’s Biography – “Snowball Effect”

17 Again (Movie Review)

I enjoyed this movie, Zac Effron shines out as an excellent actor with massive potential for future roles. Matthew Perry was poorly cast I felt, and he’s a limited actor compared with Effron. Thomas Lennon played an excellent role throughout as the nerdy millionaire, while Leslie Mann adequately played the same role as she did in Knocked Up, Michelle Trachtenberg showed a quirky charm as the atypical tear-away teenage daughter. Continue reading 17 Again (Movie Review)

A Shoot-up Scene to Remember, That’s all though..

I went to see “The International” in the Omniplex, Raheen, Limerick last Friday evening. An amzing shoot-out lights up a somewhat dull film where the Gugenheim Museum in NYC is devastated with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and there’s enough blood spilt to fill a bath tub.

Another highlight of the film is the locations chosen all over the world, quite blatantly highlighting the richness and diversity of world-class architecture that can be found right across the planet. Its definitely worth watching, but maybe with the FF button at the ready so you can whiz through the boring bits!

this trailer really lets down the film