The Importance of Measuring Performance in Lean Agile

After a recent presentation I got a follow-up question from an enthusiastic member of the audience about ‘measuring’ in the context of Lean Agile Product Development. Below is the question and my answer with anonymity preserved:

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5 Useful Mac Apps for OSX

1. Clyppan

Screenshot 2014-04-10 22.46.20Despite the awkward naming this clipboard manager app is really easy to use and provides life saving utility by storing everything you cut or copy in a searchable list.

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2. Wunderlist

Screenshot 2014-04-10 22.51.38The Wunderlist app for OSX is very simple and easy to use, all the functionality of the website in a desktop widget. It almost feels like a mobile app, and works just like the iPhone version which is great.

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3. Notes

Screenshot 2014-04-10 22.58.39Notes is built in to OSX Mavericks as well as a few other iOS apps that have made the successful crossing such as Messages, Reminders, Photo Stream, etc. Its really convenient having synced notes on all your Apple devices instantly.

4. Coda

Screenshot 2014-04-10 23.06.47Coda is a very good web development App for Mac that has FTP built in as well as a nice code editing interface with lots of helpful tools. Coda 2 also works with iCloud and neatly backs up and syncs all your files.

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5. iKeyboard Remote

Screenshot 2014-04-10 23.10.37

This nifty little utility allows you to control your Music app on your iOS device by pairing over bluetooth. For me this means I can shuffle tracks, change the volume, and pause my iPhone while it sits happily on the speaker dock in the corner of the room.

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Gmail Quotas & Sessions on Google Apps Mail

Google Apps Banner

Just a thing that’s annoying me for a long time on Google Apps, my storage has run out after 5 years of usage.

There’s no way to purchase additional gmail storage on a per-user basis. You have to upgrade to the Pro version of Google Apps which is a pretty expensive commitment. The reason this annoys me is that you might have 10 users, in my case 2 of them have reached 99% of the limit, while the other 8 have only used 5-10% each.

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iOS5 marks a Quantum Leap for Apple

The launch of iOS5 in the very near aftermath of Steve Jobs death has created a legacy that is truly breathtaking.

Apple has delivered over 200 significant features to the iOS along with a new iCloud platform plus some significant additions to the Apple TV. Basically everything now works together seamlessly, no wires, no effort. Apple’s eco-system is entering a glorious period that will be free of the angst and recrimination associated with may of its previous incarnations over the years. They have basically removed dozens of barriers and “what if” or “if only” question marks that overshadowed many of its previous achievements.

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5 Must-Have Extensions for Windows 7

Windows 7 LogoI have comeĀ acrossĀ some very neat shell extensions for Windows 7 over the last year that every Windows Power User should have installed.

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Vista Toolkit – Top 5 Tips & Tricks

I was off work for a week after getting my knee operation (ACL Reconstruction).

That finally gave me a chance to tune up my Dell XPS M1330 which is running on Vista Home Premium. My notebook is packed full of great hardware but I’ve struggled with Vista from the start, its not a great OS and will be very shortlived with Windows 7 around the corner. So I’ve put together my top 5 ways to improve Vista’s performance and make it a more acceptable OS to work with. Its actually working really well now for me.

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