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Just a thing that’s annoying me for a long time on Google Apps, my storage has run out after 5 years of usage.

There’s no way to purchase additional gmail storage on a per-user basis. You have to upgrade to the Pro version of Google Apps which is a pretty expensive commitment. The reason this annoys me is that you might have 10 users, in my case 2 of them have reached 99% of the limit, while the other 8 have only used 5-10% each.

The problem is that you have to upgrade every user on the site, so 10 users by $50 per year is $500 just to increase the storage on 1 or 2 users.

The other issue that has been bugging me since Google tidied up a lot of stuff around the Summer of 2011 is that I can’t be signed into 2 google accounts now at the same time, I have to switch. The net result of this is that I don’t use Google+ or YouTube much because I have to sign in and out. Of course I could have 2 browsers and sessions open but that is nusiance, the only real solution is some kind of account linking feature where you can be signed into up to 3 google accounts that you own and 1 of them is the default.

G+ iconOn landing on a page like Google+ it would pick up your default Google+ account rather than your Google Apps account. This is not a simple problem to solve. For speed purposes today I received a Google+ email notification so confronted with the hassle of signing out of my Google Apps account etc etc I just launched the Google+ App on my iPhone and had the job done in 10 seconds with not hassle.

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