Good Ideas for “The Recovery”

Here is a list of good ideas that I have heard in the media in relation to stimulating our small, open economy in Ireland:

  • Green energy projects can reduce oil-dependancy and create long term employment that is sustainable and boosts local economies
  • Free travel for over 65’s visiting Ireland as tourists, remove the 10 euro tax also
  • Build recycling centres and hire local recycling promoters to take people off the dole queue
  • Knowledge Loans – banks give people favourable loan terms to people for approved 3rd level courses
  • Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Good Ideas for “The Recovery””

  1. There’s a few problems with the second point (taxing sms) Firstly €50m isn’t a lot of money. It is to an individual person, but in the context for government expenditure it’s nothing. Further to that it would certainty encourage young people to vote… against the government, no government want’s to help shooting themselves in the foot.

    1. Hi Mark, I agree with you on that…its nothing in terms of revenue.
      A certain TD claimed it would raise €500m but she obvioulsy isn’t good with the calculator.
      The obvious way to cure the public finances is cutting Public Wages and Social Welfare significantly.
      I’ll update the post anyway with better ideas I have come across.

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