Harvest Gets the Dough in On Time!

Among the myriad of invoicing and time tracking solutions out there, Harvest is one that I am using now since January of 2012 and has passed all the acid tests so far. Harvest is a cloud application for tracking your billable hours and generating invoices for your clients.

Since I started using the free trial I have noticed a major improvement in my time tracking and it’s a great simple solution for any sole trader or small business.

The best thing about Harvest is that it’s simple to use and quick. It’s also very easy to “pick up and play” so there’s no major effort required to get results.

Through a combination of the website and the mobile app it’s possible to spend just 5 minutes a day to have a neat, organized accounting trail.

Harvest’s basic plan is only $12.00 per month, and they give excellent support and a nice regular release cycle. There are no bugs or annoyances and it has 95% of the all features you could possibly want which is good value for money.

Now Harvest have announced integration with Zendesk and other ticketing systems, this makes it a great solution for teams and entire organizations to roll out as a fully fledged billing solution.

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