iOS5 marks a Quantum Leap for Apple

The launch of iOS5 in the very near aftermath of Steve Jobs death has created a legacy that is truly breathtaking.

Apple has delivered over 200 significant features to the iOS along with a new iCloud platform plus some significant additions to the Apple TV. Basically everything now works together seamlessly, no wires, no effort. Apple’s eco-system is entering a glorious period that will be free of the angst and recrimination associated with may of its previous incarnations over the years. They have basically removed dozens of barriers and “what if” or “if only” question marks that overshadowed many of its previous achievements.

So where to start?

I am uncovering new features organically by the day and getting used to the more obvious ones. The best format is probably a chart topper effort but the list is going to go a lot further than a Top 5..but here’s a start anyway

Apple TV Mirroring
Apple TV Mirroring - on top of saving me €79 for a tv connection cable, mirroring actually gives the iPad a whole new purpose in life. We're already taking advantage of it for an interactive museum, it works so well out of the box it is uncanny.
iCloud icon
iCloud - this changes everything, particularly the way the App Store keeps track of all your downloads and syncs them to your other iOS devices automatically. It does a whole bunch of other stuff too of course and its only the beginning.
iOS5 Alerts
Alert Notification Shortcuts - its only a small change but the miniature unlock sliders are convenient, fun and engaging. It speeds up general usage and reduces the number of dead clicks also by bringing you right to the point of action.
iMessage Launch
iMessage - Obviously a lot of people are talking about WhatsApp but iMessage is integrated with your SMS on the device so its much more practical and sustainable. Viber has a messaging service too after all, I don't use it, do you?
Camera Buttons on iPhone
Camera Buttons - just a little common sense addition whereby the volume button can now be used to snap a photo, this solves a usability problem and also gives back the compact camera feel to the iPhone when being used as a camera.

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