My favourite iPhone Apps

I have an iPhone for a few months now, a 16GB one with 3G.

The iPhone is mostly brilliant but does fall down badly in a few important areas, like battery life and text messaging.

Anyhow it is mostly brilliant, and a joy to use for surfing the web and reading email.

So far I have installed several “Apps” on the device, and these are my favourites:

  1. EPL – Comprehensive app that brings live scores from the English Premier League.
  2. Stocks – this comes built in but its still very cool
  3. Weather – as above an obvious but very useful App
  4. Air Mouse Pro – absolutely brilliant, turns your iPhone into a wireless mouse and keyboard for your PC
  5. Twitterific – ideal companion for twitter on the iPhone
  6. WordPress – a simple way to blog from the phone on a mobile friendly platform
  7. Backgrounds – a nice free App that lets you install custom bg’s. Apple don’t let you!
  8. Wikipanion – browse wikipedia in a quick-loading and mobile friendly format

One thought on “My favourite iPhone Apps”

  1. Agree with you about Air Mouse Pro – absolutely priceless for presentations, and always impresses the clients. You should also have a look at the remote control app that let’s you control your iTunes music on your computer from your iPhone – especially if you have it hooked up to an office or home sound system.

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