My new 23″ Samsung Display is a Snip

I bought a brand new 23″ Samsung 2333SW LCD display from last week and it only cost me €165 ex VAT (€200 incl). It runs at a max resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is full HD to the informed buyer and offers the basic DVI and VGA connections.

There was one big problem when I plugged in my “Pavillion dv9000t” laptop with “Nvidia Geforce 7600 Go” graphics card over a standard VGA cable…the bloody computer wouldn’t display the max resolution! All I could get was a distorted looking 1680 x 1050 resolution with everything looking stretched and faded.

I plugged the display into my Dell XPS 1350 laptop running vista and it worked straight off. This was a software issue, I knew in my heart it could be worked around…

After a lot of googling I sniffed the solution could be in switching to using the HDMI-out port of my laptop rather than the VGA-out port. Apparently Windows XP has not got the correct registry keys to support full HD over VGA. Now you might have a low-powered laptop on XP and you might only have a VGA-out, in that case you would have been screwed in my opinion…but I concede that it may only apply to this particular graphics card (for which I did update to latest drivers).

Fortunately for me my hunch was correct, I sourced a HDMI to DVI cable that I had lying around in the office and hey presto it worked without touching a single setting.

So there you go, problem fixed 🙂

Now as for reviewing the display, well its far and away the best in the range and it murders the competition on price/performance ratio. I’ve now got a whole lot of screen real estate on my desk, 2.1 million pixels on the Samsung and 1.3 million pixels on the laptop. My old dual monitor went up in a loud bang and puff of smoke last week by the way, it was a fujitsu siemens tft I think and fairly old.

Samsung 2333SW Rating


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