Believe the Hype – Superior Audio for €29 with Apple Earpods is true!

Curiosity got the better of me so I splashed out on replacement headphones for my iPhone today. The ones that came with all the iPhones up to the 4S have been a shamefully poor in-ear experience and the inevitable fix arrived through the new earpods.

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iOS5 marks a Quantum Leap for Apple

The launch of iOS5 in the very near aftermath of Steve Jobs death has created a legacy that is truly breathtaking.

Apple has delivered over 200 significant features to the iOS along with a new iCloud platform plus some significant additions to the Apple TV. Basically everything now works together seamlessly, no wires, no effort. Apple’s eco-system is entering a glorious period that will be free of the angst and recrimination associated with may of its previous incarnations over the years. They have basically removed dozens of barriers and “what if” or “if only” question marks that overshadowed many of its previous achievements.

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iPhone 4 Interim Review

iPhone 4I upgraded my iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4 about 6 months ago and have had a good opportunity to test it in action over a prolonged period since then.

The performance improvements over the 3G were dramatic , and that may not be as apparent for iPhone 3GS owners. The 3G I had was slowing down significantly, and have installed iOS4 on it there was a noticeable degradation in responsiveness and battery life.

The iPhone 4 is noticeably heavier and slimmer than the older models, and looks slicker than the predecessor with its minimalist finish.

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