The New Griffin iTrip (2011)

I am typing this review from my iPhone using the wordpress app which is great except for typing on an iPhone which is like pulling teeth.

This post relates to my experience with getting in-car audio hooked up with my iPhone 3G which I use to listen to podcasts, music and audio books.

Achieving a good retro fitted solution with my Mazda 6 (2003) car stereo is not at all simple as it sounds.

I researched and ordered the cygnett groove transporter from but unfortunately the product seems to be no longer available. By all accounts this is the best product out there for charging and fm transmitting in-car.

Faced with a prolonged stint without access to my beloved “talking history” and “Sunday with Norris” podcasts, I rushed into the O2 shop across from the Ilac Centre on Dublin’s Henry Street 2 weeks ago and purchased the Griffin itrip for EUR5 59.00 from a fairly clueless shop assistant who told me it was a good product, but he’d never used it.

The product is quite good, it has a very neat plugtop that discreetly plugs into my 12v DC socket and let’s me close the lid over it as it’s so small.

The tuner display is white text backlit brightly on a black screen with lovely sharp type font.

The device let’s you save 3 preset transmission frequencies that you can revert to every time. I find 87.60 works well all over the country and use that all the time. There’s an option to transmit in Mono or Stereo also, not sure how significant that choice is.

The big question with these devices is:
Can you get a clear, uninterrupted signal?
The answer is: Yes

The quality of audio that I’m getting is clear but not vibrant. There’s no hiss or fuzziness but the sound is a bit dead and flat compared to playing a CD. This is no problem for my audio books or podcasts but for music lovers it’s not really good enough.

The alternatives to this solution depends on your car stereo, it would be huge work with my car do set up a direct audio jack but most new pcar stereos have one built in. I play musicfrom my iPhone on a regular stereo in my gym via audio jack through the Aux-in connection and the quality is superb, unfortunately in-car fm transmission looses a lot of the range on the sound so it’s never going to match the real thing.

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