Warren Buffett’s Biography – “Snowball Effect”

Having purchased James Caan’s audiobook on iTunes I came accross a review for Warren Buffett’s biography and decided to take a punt on it. I had absolutely zero prior knowledge about Buffett, apart from that I knew he was the wealthiest individual on the earth.

An Eccentric Spendthrift

Buffett comes accross as a very frugal character in the book and has several benign peculiarites to his personality. The author strains to emphasise the point that Buffett’s mother was a cruel and deranged maternal presence and her psychological abuse had a major negative impact on Buffett’s personal development. Howard Buffett, Warren’s father had a very positive influence on Warren’s work-life although he is presented as a rather cold father figure at first.

Emerging from the great Depression of the 1930’s it is no coincidence that Buffett’s parents and the world around him shaped this eccentric personality, and investment phenomenon. Buffett’s father was a very successful investor himself and he set Warren on the path to becoming a genial investor, the greatest investor in human history.

Should you read it?

I’m not going to tell you the whole story now, the purpose of this review is to help you decide if its worth reading.

The version I listened to via my iPhone was the abridged audio book which cost about €25. Narration is excellent and the voice artist impersonates Buffett’s voice and that of other characters to give the book real depth and texture which is great for audio to keep the attention span.

You would need to be interested in this subject matter to enjoy the book and have a grasp of Economics and Finance, which I have personally. If you have this general knowledge and you want to get insight into one of the great minds on this planet then its well worth the read!


Extremely relevant in 2009, had Buffett’s approach been the mantra for investors we wouldn’t have the melt-down

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